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What is the difference between TruSculpt-iD and CoolSculpting?

trusculpt vs coolsculpting

TruSculpt-iD is a non-invasive treatment that uses RF (Radio Frequency) technology. It delivers deep heating to adipose tissue for body sculpting, fat reduction and skin tightening.All done in a fast 15 minutes sessions. 

While CoolSculpting freezes the fat in your body, once frozen, dead fat cells are excreted out of the body through the liver within several weeks of treatments.

How does Trusculpt-iD compare to other fat reduction devices ?

TruSculpt iD, is the most effective breakthrough non-surgical minimally invasive way to sculpt and reshape your body in a single 15-minute session. Below is a head to head comparison chart with Coolsculpting, SculpSure and others, Note the difference in the session times. 

Why chose TruSculpt iD over invasive Surgery?

Body contouring technology has improved dramatically in recent years, and non-invasive fat-reduction treatments allow women and men of all ages to sculpt their bodies like never before. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), more than 180,000 non-surgical fat reduction treatments were performed in 2017, up almost 220% since 2012. Non-surgical body contouring treatments target areas of stubborn fat that linger despite diet and exercise—without the downtime or risks associated with liposuction surgery, body lifts or tummy tucks.

Completely Customized For Your Body?

truSculpt iD represents the next generation of fully personalized body contouring. It offers visible fat reduction after a single 15-minute treatment, faster than other FDA cleared fat busting technologies on the market! Clinically proven to be safe and effective, truSculpt iD uses radio frequency energy to heat and destroy fat cells permanently. The body then naturally expels the remnants of the fat cells naturally during the weeks following treatment.

What Body types are candidates for Trusculpt-iD treatments?

Suitable for all body shapes and types, truSculpt can be used to contour larger areas such as the abdomen and flanks, as well as smaller spots that are hard to reach with other fat-reduction treatments. The treatment can also be used to refine surgical liposuction results once healing is complete if fine-tuning is desired. Patients say treatments feel like a comfortable hot stone massage and there’s no post-treatment discomfort, and four areas can be treated in a one-hour session. 

Are There Clinical Studies About Trusculpt-iD?

Clinicals trials have shown that truSculpt iD reduces fat thickness by up to 24% after a single
treatment. With visible results within six to eight weeks and maximum improvement after three
months, truSculpt iD can help reveal underlying muscle definition hidden by stubborn fat.

Though women and men are satisfied with the outcome after one treatment, some opt for a
second treatment to further sculpt the initial area treated, or to improve the shape and contour
of other areas. Similar to liposuction, truSculpt iD results are long-lasting as long as a stable
weight is maintained after treatment. Though not intended to be used as a weight loss tool, a
single truSculpt iD treatment helps most patients achieve the shape and definition they desire
quickly when a healthy diet and regular exercise aren’t enough. 

How Can I Get A Free Trusculpt-iD Consultation?

To find out more about body sculpting and how TruSculpt ID can improve your overall body appearance, you can call to schedule a consultation. Please call Dr. Nina G., MD at ( 305 ) 934-9149 . She has 35 years of medical experience, and is an Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine Expert located in Aventura , Miami , FL


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