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Reduce Fat While Tightening Saggy Skin

TruSculpt iD

Trusculpt ID treats the subcutaneous fat layer with 15 minute non-surgical treatments that eliminates fat in stubborn areas around your abdomen and flanks.

Personalized For Your Body

Personalized For Your Body

truSculpt iD is a Monopolar RF Personalized Body Sculpting platform treatment that can be fully customized for any shape or body type.

My Face/My Body 2018 Award

My Face/My Body 2018 Award

My Face/My Body is an organization that reports news and insight into the aesthetics industry for consumers.

Treatment Of The Year Award

Treatment Of The Year Award

The Medical Business Academy has recognized TruSculpt iD as the Treatment of the Year for its value and effectiveness.

2020 Aesthetic Everything Award

2020 Aesthetic Everything Award

Trusculpt iD has ben awarded the Aesthetic Everything Award for the top Body Shaping Technology in the industry.

About TruSculpt Miami

Specialized in the science of body sculpting

TruSculpt Miami is headed by Dr. Nina G. one of the only Doctors in Florida who is Board Certified in the specialty of Cellular Regenerative Medicine, giving her an in-depth understanding of the science of body sculpting on a cellular level.  For years Dr. Nina G. has helped women achieve their dream body shape using non-invasive techniques that give you the results you expect, without the scars or risks involved with surgery. 

Science of Body Sculpting

Why our Patients Get Better Results

At Trusculpt Miami we take the time to test and measure your body fat.  This gives us useful information like where the fat pockets are and how deep.  

Most other clinics will not take the time to do these extensive tests, and this gives us an edge that translates into better results for our patients.

We have a very high rate of patient satisfaction and our results are the best in the industry. 

Measuring the subcutaneous fat gives the doctor a better understanding of where stubborn fat deposits are located, and the correct settings that will be most effective for the patient.  

By doing these tests we can also create a baseline to measure the results that you will experience with Trusculpt iD. 

If you want the most for your money, you have to go with the most advanced body sculpting system and the medical staff that goes above and beyond to get you the best results.

Opening Hours

Trusculpt Miami: Our office is located inside the Beacon Tower: 20200 W Dixie Hwy Ste. 808B, Miami, FL 33180

Tuesday - Saturday

9:00 am to 8:00 pm

Sunday - Monday


Our Fat Reduction Services

Reduce Fat + Build Muscle

At Trusculpt Miami we take pride in providing body sculpting procedures that have proven results, a painless experience, and we only use FDA cleared technology for your safety.  For body sculpting we use the TruSculpt platform which includes different technologies to reduce subcutaneous fat and to build muscle. 

Body Fat Reduction

Using Trusculpt iD we are able to target stubborn fat deposits around the midriff, flanks, arms, legs and butt.

Chin Fat Reduction

We use the Trusculpt iD chin reduction wand which is specially designed to target the under chin area.

Muscle Sculpting

Showing off your 6 pack abs has never been easier with the Trusculpt platform. We first use trusculpt iD to reduce the fat layer hiding your muscles, then use trusculpt flex to pump up the muscles and make them more visible.

Want to to learn more about Trusculpt iD?  Download our patient information brochure that details how the Trusculpt technology works, areas that can be targeted and before and after pictures.

Trusculpt iD is effective on all body types and skin tones.

Trusculpt iD can remove the layer of fat that is hiding your sculpted abs.

Trusculpt iD can sculpt both men and women.


What Our Customers Say

Although our office is located in beautiful Aventura, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Miami, our customers come from all over the world and all walks of life.  Every patient gets individualized attention and we consider every patient a VIP!

M. S.
M. S.

Trusculpt iD

Nina is fantastic! She is very personable and she answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns very thoroughly. Her office is immaculate and she does everything to make sure you are comfortable. The procedure was quick, and im already seeing the results.

Yasmin D.
Yasmin D.

Trusculpt iD

Hi there everyone. I went to Dr. Gupta for a TruSculpt ID treatment along with TruSculpt Flex about 1 month ago. I am seeing great results in the mirror and my skinny jeans fit much better. Thanks Doc!

Dora N.
Dora N.

Trusculpt iD

Hello Everyone, My name is Dora. I cannot find the words to describe Dr. Nina Gupta's attitude towards patient care. She is the finest and greatest doctor I have ever met. She explained everything very clearly to me before doing the procedure. I am very happy with my results after 6 weeks later. She gave me advice that I really liked.

Nancy C.
Nancy C.

Trusculpt iD, Trusculpt Flex

I had my Trusculpt ID along with Trusculpt Flex on the same day. I had an excellent experience at Miami Aesthetic Institute. Staff and Doctor were very helpful and caring.

Trusculpt iD Technology

How does TruSculpt iD work?

TruSculpt-iD works by heating up fat cells using Monopolar Radio Frequency  until they are destroyed and can be naturally eliminated by your body through the lymphatic system.  According to Cutera data, shows that a patient can lose an average of 24% in body fat in the area being treated just after one treatment.  Patients also have shown skin tightening and cellulite reduction.  Full impact of the treatment can be seen at the 12 week mark.    

Patients describe the treatment like a hot stone massage,  little redness and sensitivity to the post treatment area is normal. 

There is no downtime and you can resume your life as normal, immediately after leaving the doctor’s office.  

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Average Fat Reduction

Trusculpt iD Comparison

Trusculpt iD VS Other Technologies

trusculpt vs emsculpt
Trusculpt iD VS Coolsculpting and Other Technologies
Before and After Abdomen:

See more Trusculpt iD before and after pictures of abs, legs, and chin fat reduction on our before and after page.

Trusculpt iD Results

Trusculpt iD Before and After Pictures

TruSculpt-iD isn’t about the hype and the bluster, it’s about the concrete results it can offer you. Below, is a few examples of our past patients before and after pictures.

Average Fat Reduction:
Before and After Legs:
Trusculpt Pricing

Trusculpt iD Cost

The cost of trusculpt varies from person to person depending on the areas they want to target, their body mass index, and their overall fitness goal.

In order for us to give you accurate and transparent pricing, we do a quick assessment first so we can put together a personalized treatment plan that will get you the results you want as fast as possible.

Trusculpt Miami is Miami’s #1 body sculpting center which allows us to pass on our savings from volume pricing to our clients.

We make getting your customized price quick and easy, just call or text our clinic to instantly get in touch with a body sculpting professional that can answer all your questions about pricing and send you a customized package. (No wait times, talk with a person right away.)

To get pricing info (or ask any other question), contact us using one of the options below: 

Send Us A Text Messge

Message Us At WhatsApp

Request A Call Back

Commonly Asked


When it comes to an amazing treatment like TruSculpt iD, there are always going to be those who have their laundry list of doubts and were here to face those doubts head on! 

At Trusculpt Miami we truly believe in TruSculpt and stand behind the positive impact it can have on our patients’ lives.

We are going to present some of the common concerns and objections we have heard and explain why TruSculpt iD is the most effective fat reduction treatment in the industry.

Expect to see results 6–12 weeks after your first truSculpt-iD treatment, since it takes time for your body to eliminate the destroyed fat cells.

Trusculpt reduces fat in the treated areas, however, that doesn’t mean that fat can’t increase again. Untreated fat cells can still get bigger, if you have a lifestyle that causes you to store fat. So if you gain weight, your existing fat cells will get bigger. You should be able to maintain your results by eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise.

TruSculpt® is the opposite of a fairy tale. Its promises of firmer glutes and toned-up abs are based in the following cold, hard facts:

• Since TruSculpt® is FDA cleared, it’s withstood the scrutiny of numerous studies 

• 7 separate studies overlooked treatments of the buttocks and abdomen of a minimum of 12 patients (both men and women) undergoing 4 sessions 

• For the most well-rounded results, each practice site applied different technologies to measure fat reduction and muscle building, including Histology, Ultrasonography, CT scan and MRI

• Researchers found on average a 15% increase in muscle mass, 19% fat reduction, and 11% reduction in diastasis recti

• There was also a 95% customer-satisfaction rate

On the contrary! The national average for a single session starts at $1999—a reasonable investment when it comes to acquiring your dream physique! However, prices do vary depending on body-type, goals and overall health.

If you have small problem areas that do not respond to dieting or exercise, then non-invasive methods like trusculpt-id are right for you. If you have loose or saggy skin this is also a great option for you because trusculpt-id is extremely effective at tightening skin in the treatment areas.

Depending on how many areas you want to treat, you can have up to 2 sessions in one day.  Each session is 15 minutes. There is no downtime after the treatment.

Yes.  They both use heat to kill fat cells, but the main difference is how they deliver the heat to the tissue.   

Trusuclpt-id uses RF technology while Sculpsure uses lasers.  Trusculpt’s rf technology is superior because it allows the technician performing the treatment full control over the heat and depth of the tissue being treated.  This allows the technician to precisely target the areas you want to treat.  

Trusculpt does not go deep enough or stay hot long enough to cause muscle damage. The paddles on your body will cycle on and off so they do not overheat the tissue.

Typically 2-3 treatments are required for best results.

You can get almost any area of your body treated with trusculpt-id.  To learn more, please check out this page: Body Parts Treated with Trusculpt-id.

Conclusion: Needless to say, Dr. Nina G., M.D. would only attach her name and reputation to a treatment she could stand behind. The fact is, TruSculpt iD has science backing up its effectiveness. It’s also completely affordable for regular people looking to improve their physical appearance.

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Learn More About Trusculpt iD

Trusculpt-iD Miami

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