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Trusculpt Flex Body Sculpting

Trusculpt miami body sculpting

What is Trusculpt Flex Body Sculpting?

Trusculpt Flex Body Sculpting to enhance your shape and improve your muscles. Body
sculpting will help you gain confidence in the parts of your body that you may be uncomfortable with at
the moment. The body contouring technique has been medically proven to increase muscle mass by an
average of 30 percent.

How Does Trusculpt Flex Body Sculpting Work?

The TruSculpt flex system acts as an effective muscle stimulator to induce greater muscle contractions
than those produced from exercising normally. Due to the dynamic delivery system, TruSculpt flex will
target specific large and small muscle groups by positioning 16 individual applicators in a personalized
location. Such applicators designate the regions from the TruSculpt flex system that will undergo the
electrical muscle stimulation.

Trusculpt Flex Miami


Each session lasts about 45 minutes and can tackle about eight areas per session.Trusculpt differs from
other muscle sculpting devices and fat removal systems as it is fast and thorough. It is highly proven to
increase muscle mass and muscle toning with a clinically proven increase of muscle mass by 30%. Each
session is personalized to your body type and personal physical goals.
To set an appointment for your personalized consultation for a Trusculpt session in Miami, please call
Dr. Nina G., MD at (305) 934-9149.

What are the stages Of TruSculpt Flex Body

There are 3 stages that cycle through your TruSculpt Session:
Stage one: Muscle Prep
Muscle Prep The first step of your desired muscle generates a twisting motion. This prepares your body
for the strength of muscle contraction to slowly increase during your treatment with body sculpture.
Stage Two: Muscle Tone
This phase increases strength and enhances endurance by stimulating the muscles with a
stronger current. Your muscles will contract completely and will then be allowed to relax.
Stage Three: Body sculpture
This is the final part of the sculpturing process. The truSculpt flex device provides quick, deep, and
sequential muscle contractions that build muscle mass. It is the most intense phase of the treatment
yet, it is quite relaxing.

What are the Benefits Associated With TruSculpt
Flex Body Treatment ?

Trusculpt treatment has several benefits that are important to consider
• No scarring
• No anesthesia
• No recovery period
• No pain
• Natural results
• No implants or artificial enhancements
• More affordable

What are the side effects Associated With
TruSculpt Flex Body Treatment ?

Because the Trusculpt treatment is non-invasive.There are no real side effects associated with the
treatment. You may notice some soreness and sensitivity and possibly some tingling in the selected

Trusculpt flex Body Sculpting

By the end of your second session you should begin to notice muscle toning and fat reduction. It can take as little as four sessions to achieve your body sculpting goals.You may feel tingling sensation for a couple hours after the session in the recovery centers, and there may be muscle tightness and sensitivity for up to 72
hours. Some of the results you may notice:

• Enhanced muscle tone
• Body contouring improvements
• Increase in muscle mass
• More defined stomach
• More toned thighs
• Fuller, firmer buttocks
• Skin-tightening effect due to enhanced muscle fullness

To find out more about how body sculpting can improve your overall body appearance, you can
schedule a consultation. Please call Dr. Nina G., MD at (305) 934-9149. She has 35 years of
medical experience , and is an Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine Expert located in
Aventura, Miami, FL


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