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TruSculpt Flex Body Sculpting Technology

trusculpt flex body sculpting in miami

TruSculpt flex by cutera is a non-invasive muscle sculpting device, that can improve muscle tone by inducing muscle contractions using electric current. TruSculpt flex is unique in being customizable based on the patient’s fitness level, shape, and goals.

Even though many individuals exercise regularly about only 30% of adults meet the American Heart Association’s weekly recommendation of strength training at least twice a week. Therefore they are unable to attain their ideal body shape. It is necessary to maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan and now with recent advances in technology, body sculpting devices may offer a boost to more toned muscles.

How does it work?

TruSculpt flex has 3 treatment modes and enables simultaneous treatment in up to 8 regions. The patented hand pieces, consisting of 8 pairs, adhering to the skin using truGel, allow secure and energy efficient targeting of specific groups of small and large muscles.

Thanks to innervation or immobilization, electrical muscle stimulation has been widely used as a replacement for exercise to prevent muscle atrophy and may improve recovery after muscle injury. More recently, in healthy individuals and athletes, the capacity for electrical muscle stimulation has been discovered to enhance muscle function.

TruSculpt flex involves direct muscle stimulus through receptors located in the part of the hand that lead to full muscle contractions that, while exercising, are similar to voluntary contractions. The contractions caused by truSculpt flex are more powerful than physical exercise, resulting in increased muscle mass.

One of the drawbacks of electrical muscle stimulation in increasing muscle power is the mobilization through repeated use of the same muscles that are superficially positioned. This can result in exhaustion and harm to the muscle. By using multi-directional stimulation of 3 treatment types involving different current intensities and altering the direction of the current, TruSculpt flex overcomes this disadvantage.

The patented TruControl software provides secure and consistent results with less power by providing guided and flexible delivery.

Modes Of TruSculpt Flex 

Using the innovative Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) system, TruSculpt flex offers three treatment types. Treatment forms are based on the use of 3 specific electrical pulses. The three types of therapy mimic different exercises and provide maximum relaxation of the muscle. These are the following modes:

Prep Mode: This mode imitates identical movements during warm-up exercises. It includes relaxing the muscles and slowly building immunity to muscle contractions

Tone Mode: This method involves muscle contraction up until the point of fatigue. This style imitates strength training systems and contributes to improved strength and stamina.

Sculpt Mode: This style includes quick, deep, continuous muscle contractions. It’s style imitates programs of muscle building incorporating the development of new muscle fibers. The increased muscle muscle mass is also followed by a parallel rise in basal metabolic rate (BMR) for muscle mass development and support

The mechanism of action of truSculpt Flex by cutera is similar to that of existing technologies like Emsculpt®, with both technologies involving the production of muscle contractions through external stimulation. However,TruSculpt flex has a distinct advantage in terms of specificity and flexibility. There are various methods for inducing muscle contractions, including electrical stimulation, electromagnetic stimulation, and transcutaneous electrical stimulation.

Trusculpt flex results

TruSculpt flex, besides being flexible in handpiece placement, allows for the reversal of the direction of the application of the current with its multi-directional stimulation technology. In contrast, electromagnetic stimulation only allows contraction in a single direction thus, TruSculpt flex can stimulate specific muscle sets and provides better body coverage while being more energy efficient. Changes may become visible after only 4 treatments of 45 minutes each with treatments spaced 48 hours apart. Therefore, TruSculpt Flex can result in improvements in muscle mass in a time-efficient and safe manner.

To know more about how Trusculpt Flex can help you achieve your body shape goals please call Dr. Nina G., MD at (305) 697-0994 or contact her at She is an Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine Expert with 35 Years of Experience located in Miami ( Aventura) FL.


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