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How to shed those pandemic pounds and bring back the six-pack with Trusculpt Flex

Use Trusculpt Flex For Pandemic Pounds & bring back six-pack

How to shed those pandemic pounds and bring back the six-pack with Trusculpt Flex

Numerous people missed out on regular exercise and most likely have gained some extra pounds or lost muscle mass during the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that fitness studios are reopening after months of closure, you may be experiencing mixed emotions.

On the one hand, you may be rejoicing because you can finally get your exercise groove back after what almost seemed like an eternity. On the other hand, you may be having worries about your body’s ability to keep up with the workout routines.

Well, you need not worry anymore because Trusculpt Flex technology will ensure that you gradually get back your exercise groove and lose those excess pounds while you are at it.

What is Trusculpt Flex?

Trusculpt Flex is a muscle-sculpting device that can offer personalized treatments to individual patients based on their fitness levels, shape, and goals. This device can strengthen, make firm, and torn various muscles, including abdominal, thigh, and buttocks muscles.

How does Trusculpt Flex help you reduce the excess pounds?

Even though there is an ever-increasing awareness of the necessity of people to exercise and maintain healthy diets, only a few people heed these health directives. The number may have declined even further during the pandemic period due to the inability to access training facilities and access healthy foods. Moreover, even though some people could access training facilities, they couldn’t attain the ideal shape or lose weight.

While some people opt for Lyposis using various thermal energies to lower the fat content in their body, these technologies are not efficient if you want to achieve a better muscle tone.

This is where Trusculpt Flex comes in handy. This non-evasive muscle-sculpting device strengthens, makes firms, and tones various muscles in your body, making you lose the excess weight and attain an appealing body shape. It does this by using electrical currents to induce muscle contractions. Moreover, it can be customized based on an individual’s shape, goals, and fitness levels.

Trusculpt flex has three different treatment modes and allows treatment of up to 8 places concurrently. This devices’ proprietary handpieces consist of 8 pairs that target specific muscle groups in an energy-efficient and safe manner.

The electrical stimulation used by this device has successfully substituted exercise. It has done this by preventing muscle atrophy caused by immobilization or innervation. In so doing, it has reduced the rehabilitation time needed for a muscle to recover after inactivity or injury. Through the use of electrical muscle stimulation, Trusculpt flex improves the functioning of the muscles.

You may be having concerns about whether this treatment has a similar impact as that gained from physical exercise! Well, Trusculpt flex directly stimulates your muscles through electrodes located in its handpiece, thereby giving you muscle contractions that are similar to the voluntary contractions you experience during physical exercise. In fact, the contractions that are induced by Trusculpt flex are more intense and rapid than those experienced when undertaking physical activity. As such, using this device helps you increase mass, strength, and tone faster while helping you get rid of the excess weight much faster than physical exercise.

Trusculpt flex, with the help of Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS), provides three treatments mode. The modes are Prep mode, Tone mode, and sculpt mode. These three treatment modes use electric pulse at different frequencies to provide muscle stimulation, leading to weight loss. Below is a discussion of the three modes:

  1. Prep mode: In this mode, twisting and turning motions similar to those experienced during warm-up are created. The prep mode usually involves the slow stretch of muscles to build tolerance for muscle contractions.
  2. Tone mode: The effect experienced in this mode is similar to those you get when performing squats. It usually involves contracting your muscles until they get exhausted. The tone mode is similar to strength training programs which are typically geared towards helping the body develop endurance and increase strength.
  3. Sculpt mode: The activities performed in this mode are similar to performing crunches. It involves deep, sequential, and fast contractions of the muscles. The sculpt mode is similar to muscle-building activities that are geared towards developing new muscle fiber. The increased muscle mass gained from the sculpt mode is also accompanied by an increase in basal metabolic rate.

The effectiveness of Trusculpt flex in weight loss has led to it gaining prominence in different places. However, Aventura Miami remains to be the place where it’s most appreciated. Below we take a closer look at why this is the case.

Trusculpt Flex in Aventura Miami

Aventura Miami is among the places closest to Miami beach. Nothing feels better than being able to feel comfortable in your body. However, the lack of exercise during the pandemic may have led to you gaining some weight which may have dampened your self-esteem.

Lucky for you, there is Trusculpt Flex in Aventura Miami that provides a customizable body sculpting treatment that tones and shapes your muscles to give you a perfect body. Trusculpt flex takes the sculpting experience of your body to another level. Whereas other treatments may eliminate the fat in your body or increase your muscle mass, the full Trusculpt body sculpting treatment available in Aventura Miami effectively does both.

You will first get a Trusculpt Flex treatment that removes the layer of fat you want gone from your body. After which, the Trusculpt flex applicator system pumps up and shapes up your muscles to provide you with those six-packs and the lovely body you desire.

Can Everyone use Trusculpt Flex to lose excess weight?

Trusculpt flex is a sculpting treatment that does not involve any surgery to make the body stronger, firmer, or well toned. Everyone can use this form of treatment despite their shapes and fitness levels. Moreover, it can be tailored to meet an individual’s fitness and shape goals.

Even so, people using pacemakers are discouraged from undertaking this treatment, given that Trusculpt flex may interfere with the functioning of the pacemaker.

Trusculpt Flex has revolutionized how people attained fitness levels. Among the benefits of this device include quick treatment, noninvasive, suitable for everyone, and highly customizable. If you want to learn more about the product, you can schedule a demo today.



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