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The Body Sculpting Guide

The TruSculpt Body Sculpting Platform

TruSculpt-id and TruSculpt Flex

The TruSculpt body sculpting platform consists of two different machines.

TruSculpt-iD is for fat reduction, and can treat the mid-section, buttocks, thighs and arms as well as chin area.

TruSculpt Flex is for muscle sculpting and toning and can treat your mid-section, arms and legs.

TruSculpt Flex is usually done following TruSculpt-iD.  This is so the fat is first minimized to make the muscles more visible and pronounced.

Fat Reduction With TruSculpt-iD

TruSculpt-iD Key Facts:

Like we stated earlier, fat reduction therapies come first in our line of body sculpting treatments.  

We have found TruSculpt-iD to be the most effective when it comes to eliminating fat cells.

TruSculpt-iD works by heating up fat cells using Monopolar Radio Frequency  until they are destroyed and can be naturally eliminated by your body through the lymphatic system.

The TruSculpt-iD Fat Reduction Treatment

How does a typical TruSculpt-iD treatment go?  That depends on which clinic you go to.

At TruSculpt Miami, the official TruSculpt Body Sculpting Clinic, our patients enjoy a pampering and restorative experience that will jump start their body sculpting journey.

First you will have a body-fat evaluation using our body fat scanning equipment.

Our experienced Doctor will identify the depth and thickness of the fat in the treatment area so it can be precisely targeted during the treatment session.

Before the actual treatment begins, you will lay on our comfortable tables in our luxurious Trusculpt treatment rooms.

Adhesive gel pads are placed over the treatment area, which will hold the therapeutic paddles in place. 

Once all the therapeutic paddles are in place and you are relaxed and comfortable on the table, the treatment begins by emitting rf energy through the paddles and into the treatment area.

The paddles are designed to stimulate fat cells bellow while not heating up the skin.

Over the 15 minute treatment, the temperature is gradually increased to the therapeutic range.

Once the therapeutic range is reached, the paddles cycle on and off to maintain a constant temperature.

This causes irreversible cell damage to the targeted fat cells while leaving other cells unharmed.  

One treatment session is 15 minutes and most patients compare the heat from the paddles to a hot stone massage. 

TruSculpt-iD Results

Our patient can lose an average of 24% in body fat in the area being treated just after one 15 minute treatment. 

TruSculpt-iD has been shown to effectively tighten the skin and reduce cellulite. 

Some invasive treatments like lipo-suction can leave behind saggy skin which requires another type of invasive surgery to address.

With TruSculpt-iD you are removing the fat while also tightening the skin

The peak impact of the treatment can be seen and felt at the 12 week mark.


TruSculpt-iD For Chin Fat Reduction

Trusculpt-iD is currently the only device on the market for non-surgical chin fat removal.

This treatment will reduce the fat in this very targeted zone in just 15 minutes.

It is extremely difficult to get this area to respond to exercise and diet change but with Trusculpt-iD you can remove fat from this area easily.  

This can be a safer alternative to mentoplasty surgery or Kybella.

Cost for chin fat reduction starts at $750 depending on the patients needs, prices may vary as to the number of treatments needed.  

TruSculpt-iD Cost

The Trusculpt-iD treatment starts at $249 per paddle placement.  

At Trusculpt Miami, your body sculpting package will be designed by you and our anti-aging doctor with 35 years of medical experience.

Together you will discuss your areas of concern and the doctor can make an accurate recommendation so you can get the most out of your body sculpting treatment.   

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