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Fat Reduction in Miami (Aventura), FL

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Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Excess fat is a problem that can be harmful in many ways. The toll those extra pounds can have on your self-esteem are devastating. Excess fat can even raise your risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Excess fat usually can be prominent in unwanted areas, forming what women call love handles, saddlebags and pouches.

Dieting and exercise are both reliable ways to get rid of any unwanted pounds. However, stubborn excess fat might need the help of a weight loss specialist to lose that weight in a safe and healthy way. Medicalexperts are able to determine the best weight loss method for your body based on thorough analysis and examination. Your medical history and genetics can also play a role in which weight loss protocol is the best match for you.

Ready to shed your excess fat? Request more information today by calling Dr. Nina G. , MD at (305) 934-9149 or online at

Dr. Nina G., MD is an Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine Expert with 35 years of experience who concentrates on Longevity.

Excess Fat And How It Affects You.

Excess fat can affect nearly anyone. It is visible usually in unwanted areas such as belly fat, back fat, neck fat, thigh fat, buttocks, arm fat and chin fat. The main causes of this extra fat may include: poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, or extreme stress.

Some people struggle with fat deposits in only one area. This Type of excess fat might be difficult to shed with traditional methods like exercise and diet. Some common terms for excess fat in specific areas include:

• love handles

• saddlebags

• paunches


• jowls

• gut

• spare tire

• fat bulges

How to Get Rid of Excess Fat?

There are a variety of excess fat treatment options available. These procedures are for excess fat that is difficult or even impossible to shed with merely diet and exercise. These procedures can remove a substantial amount of fat. They are designed to target and eliminate areas of problem fat that can damage one’s self imagine. Common fat reduction treatment include:

• Liposuction

• Non-invasive fat reduction

• Non-surgical fat reduction

• Laser fat reduction

• Ultrasound fat reduction

• Cold therapy fat reduction

Results of the procedure will vary based on each patients age, genetics, lifestyle, stress levels and lifestyle. Only a professional weight loss specialist can decide which treatment is suitable to treat your concerns and for your body’s needs.

Request Fat Reduction Information Today

The right fat reduction procedure may be able to help you eliminate that problem fat. If you would like to know more about how excess fat is treated and which treatment is right for you, please call Dr. Nina G.,MD at (305) 934-9149 or online at Dr. Nina G. MD is an Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine Expert with 35 years of experience that concentrates on longevity


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