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Double Chin Removal

The 15 Minute Game Changer!

Treatments for Double Chin Removal

If you are trying to get rid of Double Chin Fat, you know how stubborn under chin fat is to get rid of. 

When diet and exercise is not enough, people have had few options to treat their double chin.  

Surgical liposuction has been widely popular over the years but with the downside of having to undergo surgery, anesthesia and a recovery period.  

There are also new injectable options in which have their own disadvantages, mainly swelling and tenderness of the injection site.

TruSculpt-iD Can melt away your double chin with little to no recovery.

TruSculpt-iD can use its proprietary body sculpting technology to effectively remove your double chin, with no invasive surgery to recover from and no painful injections.

Trusculpt-iD works by using using radio waves that painlessly pass through your skin, but heat up the underlying fat tissue.

This permanently kills the fat cells, preventing them from accumulating and collecting more fat.  

The fat cells are removed from the body over the next few weeks as they pass through the lymphatic system. 

The skin responds to the underlying heat by tightening and firming, giving your face a sculpted, slimmer appearance.

Double Chin Reduction

This procedure uses our TruSculpt-iD machine, which is also used for body sculpting.  This machine has pads that utilize radio frequency energy, targeted at specific body parts to heat up fat cells to up to 45 degrees, removing the fat cells through a process called apoptosis.  

The temperatures of the heating pads can be controlled by the practitioner to get the desired outcome, and for patient comfort.

Our facilities offer a clean and private treatment rooms where patients can enjoy amazing views of Miami while having the double chin removal procedure.

The procedure itself is quite simple, the patient shows up and is first evaluated by our Medical Director and top
Anti-Aging doctor in Florida, Doctor Nina G. MD. 

Once the doctor assesses the patient and makes her recommendations, the procedure can begin.

There is no preparation for this procedure other than making sure the skin is clean and shaven so the heating pad can make full contact with the skin. 

The heating pad will heat up and the practitioner will glide the pad along the patient’s jaw line for about 15 minutes. 

During the procedure the heating pad will heat the fat cells under the skin until they reach approximately 45 degrees which triggers the death. 

These cells are absorbed by the body and are eliminated through the lymphatic system over the next few weeks.  

There is no recovery necessary for this procedure, usually patients can go back to their normal daily routine.

Double Chin Removal Before And After

So what kind of results can patients expect when treating their double chin with Trusculpt-iD?  A 25 percent reduction in fat cells on the first treatment, and tighter, firmer skin.  

How Much Does Double Chin Removal Cost?

At Trusculpt Miami, our double chin removal procedure consists of Trusculpt-iD sessions using the chin attachment pad.  Each session lasts approximately 25 minutes and is performed by our Board Certified Anti-Aging Doctor. 

Cost:  $750.00 Per Session

Special:  package of 3 sessions for $2100.00

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

We recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to reduce their double chin and tighten their skin.

If you are not sure this procedure is right for you, or if you have any other questions about this treatment, please feel free to contact our office and reach out to our medical team.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone, or come in for a free consultation. 

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