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The Body Sculpting Guide


Cooltone Key Facts:

The Cooltone procedure, with an FDA-approved Cooltone body-contouring device, uses magnetic muscle stimulation technology to increase muscle definition by strengthening and toning muscles.

Through magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS), Cooltone sends electromagnetic energy into muscles.

This causes contractions, toning and strengthening the muscle fibers which results in stronger and better-defined muscles.

The CoolTone Procedure

Coolt one body sculpting device works on three body parts: the abs, thighs, and but, allowing you to firm up the muscles in these areas with little to no downtime. 

By a process of magnetic muscle stimulation, an applicator is used to send electromagnetic energy that penetrates through the skin and fat layers into your muscles, provoking involuntary muscle contraction which causes the feeling of light but non-painful muscle spasms. 

This causes your body to start to strengthen the muscles underneath the area of your body that is being treated.

A single Cooltone treatment session induces approximately 25,000 supramaximal muscle contractions. 

This causes your muscle tissue to respond and begin to remodel, similar to an intense workout.

One Cooltone treatment session typically lasts around 35 to 40 minutes.

How Long Does it Takes to See Results?

You will need more than one C ooltone session to see the results.

The number of treatments you’ll need to see the most optimum results depends on the area treated and your figure.

In general, you can expect to see the effects after you undergo four treatments over two weeks.

How Much Does Cooltone Treatment Cost?

The cost of a Co oltone treatment depends on the number of sessions and the body area you want to treat.

However, the price for recommended 3 to 4 Cooltone treatments ranges from $2,700 to $3,700 per muscle group you’re working on.

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