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The Body Sculpting Guide

Body Sculpting With TruSculpt Flex

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TruSculpt Flex Key Facts:

Trusculpt Flex is our muscle sculpting treatment which targets your striated muscle fibers.

This treatment is usually performed after you have reduced the fat in the treatment area so that the muscle contouring will be more visible. 

Trusculpt Flex deploys a unique method of electrical muscle stimulation to target specific muscle groups.

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Trusculpt Flex Miami

Trusculpt flex has 16 therapeutic paddles, allowing the operator to target 4 different muscle groups simultaneously.

The multiple paddles gives you several placement options and gives the performing doctor freedom to customize the treatment for the shape and curves that you want.  

The TruSculpt Flex Muscle Sculpting Treatment

So what happens during a muscle sculpting treatment at Miami’s Official Trusculpt clinic?  

First you have to have a consultation with our Anti-aging doctor to see what your current muscle mass and condition is.

Trusculpt Flex is a very powerful and effective treatment so the doctor has to determine the treatment level that your muscles can handle.  

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After the doctor determines the treatment level that is right for your body, the doctor will place adhesive gel over the treatment areas you would like to sculpt.

The Trusculpt Flex pads are then placed on your body and you can sit or lay down in our luxurious Trusculpt treatment rooms while the doctor begins the treatment. 

A Trusculpt Flex treatment session is 45 minutes long.

Our patients can relax and watch TV or listen to music while the muscle stimulation begins.

The muscle stimulation is gradually amplified and you will feel like your muscles are going through an intense work-out.

Trusculpt Flex stimulates fast, deep, sequential contractions of the muscles to build muscle mass and increase basal metabolic rate.

TruSculpt Flex Results

The peak of Trusculpt Flex results is usually seen around 12 weeks after treatment.  

After the Trusculpt Flex treatment, your muscle’s metabolic rate will increase and continue to burn fat around the muscles for weeks to come.

The treatment also increases the muscle mass of the treatment area, giving you more visible and toned muscles.

Patients report increased muscle strength of the treatment area and better performance and endurance at the gym.

The increased metabolism also gives you more energy and helps you burn more fat throughout the day.

TruSculpt Flex Cost

Trusculpt flex is a highly personalized treatment. 

The cost will depend on the number of pads and number of areas being treated.

Average patients will require 4-6 sessions depending on their needs and goals. 

The cost of each session is $750. 

The cost may vary depending depending on the packages the patient purchases.  

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